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3 Treatments
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CryoSlimming | CryoToning | CryoFaceLift


Loose inches rapidly with no effort!

The CryoSlimming technique is based around a procedure commonly known as fat freezing. CryoSlimming destroys fat cells rapidly and permanently. We target one area at a time, operating manually to get the best results based on your morphology. This procedure is based on a specific massaging technique using a handpiece transmitting the cold. Sessions are very comfortable and kind to the skin. One session last between 28 and 44 min depending on the size of the body area, and you can lose up to 2.5 cm per session. We recommend a package of at least 5 sessions per area depending on the size of the area and how many cm you want to lose. 

You can do a session every 2 weeks (time necessary for your body to evacuate the dead fat cells). As CryoSlimming is manual it is easy to focus on any body part (abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, love handles, waist, arms, knees, calves, etc.). Note that CryoSlimming is not possible on the breast or on the face, however CryoToning for breasts firmness and CryoFacials are possible.


With CryoToning Cellulite, there’s finally a real, non-invasive solution to help you reduce cellulite and achieve the look you’ve been striving for.

CryoToning procedures make use of cold temperatures to tone the skin and improve the local metabolism in the concerned body area. Sessions are performed manually using the Cryoskin handpiece on any part of the body (cleavage, breast, arm, post baby belly, etc.) for a tightening effect on the skin. One session lasts between 20 and 30 minutes. You can do a CryoToning every week on the same body area or combine different body areas. We recommend one session every week for 5 weeks, and then 1 session per month for maintenance.

Cryo Cellulite is a specific protocol combining slimming and toning techniques. Slimming eliminates the fat cells accumulated under the skin that are responsible for the orange peel aspect. Toning operates a lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate cellulite dimpling.


CryoFacelift gives you instant results with
no needles, no scalpel and no downtime.

CryoFacial procedure uses cold temperatures to boost the production of collagen and elastin. The skin is tightened immediately, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced. The skin pores retract with the cold for a glowing effect. The face appears fresher and younger instantly. Procedure is very gentle and takes 20 minutes. We recommend one session every week for 5 weeks, and then 1 session per month for maintenance. This plan will have a cumulative effect and help to maintain a higher production of collagen and elastin.  


Reduce your double chin in just 15 minutes – pain free and with no downtime.

Cryo Double Chin is a specific protocol addressing excess fat and saggy skin in the neck area. This method combines slimming and toning techniques, with 5 sessions of 15 minutes. Thanks to the Cryoskin specific massaging technique, sessions are extremely comfortable. 


Localised Cryo Therapy

Localised Cryo offers many benefits:

  • Injury Management and Recovery
  • Fast track your recovery Activates Natural Regeneration for Muscle and Joint
  • Repair Blood is Enriched With Enzymes / Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients
  • Anti-Inflammatory Toxins are Blocked from Entering Injured Areas
  • Promotes Healing of Targeted Areas with Nutrient Rich Blood
  • Enhances Post-Surgery Recovery
  • Reduces Swelling Less Risk of Post-Surgery Complications
  • Improved Circulation
  • Faster Wound Healing / Incisions from Surgery
  • Heal Faster 

Ozone therapy

Ozone Therapy is one of the most sought-after treatments for many illnesses.

Ozone has been used as a medical therapy for more than 100 years in Europe but it is a newer treatment here in Australia. There’s been a lot of research and study done on the benefits of Ozone Therapy (see this study here) and now, worldwide, Ozone Therapy is one of the most sought-after treatments for many illnesses – especially for those patients where standard medical treatment hasn’t worked.

Systematic treatments Commonly used for: Athletic, Cancer, Infections, Autoimmune Diseases, Gut Diseases like IBS, Anti-Aging ang Longevity, Biohacking, Mold Toxicity, Lyme
Local treatments are commonly used for: Infections, Non-healing wounds, Ulcers, Cavitations/Oral Infections